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Leakage monitoring of long oil and gas pipelines

Pipeline is the main way of oil and gas transportation. It has the advantages of large capacity, no restrictions from other factors such as climate and ground, continuous operation and low cost. Oil and gas pipeline is also called “energy bloodline”. Since the oil and gas pipelines are all operated at high pressure, the transport medium is flammable, explosive and toxic. Once an accident occurs, it will not only cause resource loss and environmental pollution, but even fires and explosions, endangering the surrounding personal safety and causing huge economic losses.

The pipeline is generally buried underground and is transmitted over long distances of several hundred kilometers or even thousands of kilometers. Some lawless elements will dig pipes to steal oil or damage the underground pipes during the construction, which puts higher requirements on the protection of the pipeline.

Therefore, it is urgent to adopt high-tech means to timely and accurately measure the change of pipeline safety status and realize real-time online monitoring. Protecting the safety of oil and gas pipelines is not only to protect the benefits of pipeline enterprises, but more importantly, it guarantees the normal life and public safety of the broad masses of the people, and guarantees the economic security and social stability of the country.

Distributed optical fiber temperature and strain measurement system uses Joule-Thomson cooling principle to detect the fine leakage of high temperature and high pressure materials quickly and effectively through the temperature changes on the sensing optical fiber laid along the pipeline, tank and furnace body. It can realize real-time alarm when external force destroys intrusion. Through the monitoring of distributed optical fiber sensing system, these facilities which are easy to leak danger can be turned into intelligent facilities, escorting safe and efficient production.

The distributed optical fiber temperature strain test system utilizes the Joule-Thomson cooling principle to quickly and effectively detect the leakage of high temperature and high pressure substances through the temperature change on the sensing fiber installed along the pipeline. The optical fiber is buried above the pipeline, the distributed fiber optic vibration (sound) system enables real-time alarms when there is an external intrusion. Through the monitoring of the distributed optical fiber sensing system, every time a fault is detected, a huge economic loss can be recovered.



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