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Perimeter Security

Perimeter security is a very important part of the security system, including the protection of private sites such as residential, construction fields and industrial plants to avoid illegal intrusion, as well as protection of national borders, large airports, military bases, etc. Perimeter security must provide reliable and expected protection, which requires the detector to respond sensitively and send out dangerous signals in a timely manner.

The perimeter security system based on fiber optic sensing technology is currently the most ideal solution. Compared with traditional infrared, electronic fences, laser and other security systems, fiber optic sensing systems are very sensitive to pressure and vibration, and have both sensing and signal transmission functions, enabling real-time monitor of various disturbances to the fiber, transforming the slight vibration into an electrical signal and transmitting it to the processing unit for analysis and identification, and realizing an alarm for the intrusion behavior in the monitoring area.

Besides, the distributed optical fiber sensing system is an all-fiber system with anti-electromagnetic interference, high temperature corrosion resistance, convenient installation and easy maintenance, which can meet the requirements of intrusion detection in harsh and complex environments.


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